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제목 [AI 대학원 세미나] 9/16(월), 10:30am-12pm
작성자 시스템담당 작성일 2019-09-10

9/16 (월) 10:30am-12:00pm, 아래와 같이 Stanford University의 Prof. Tsachy Weissman을 모시고

아래와 같이 초청 세미나를 합니다.

◎ 연사 : Prof. Tsachy Weissman (Stanford EE)

◎ 주제 : "What machines can learn from humans about compression"

◎ 일시 : 2019년 9월 16일 월요일 (Mon), 10:30am-12:00pm

◎ 장소 : 반도체관 400126호

Title: "What machines can learn from humans about compression"

Inspired by Shannon's work on estimating the entropy of a language, we experimented with a framework for image compression comprising one human describing images using text instructions to another, who is tasked with reconstructing the original image. These image reconstructions were then rated by human scorers on the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform and compared to reconstructions obtained by existing image compressors. We've conducted similar experiments for audio compression. The insights gleaned offer a perspective on the potential for substantial improvements over current approaches to lossy compression and related information processing tasks.

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Tsachy Weissman has been on the faculty of the Electrical Engineering department at Stanford since 2003, where he enjoys activities such as research and teaching the science of information. He has served and still does on editorial boards for scientific journals, technical advisory boards in industry, and as founding director of the Stanford Compression Forum. His favorite gig to date was being an advisor to the HBO show “Silicon Valley” until he was terminated when it was realized his students are more creative and reliable consultants. He hates writing about himself in the third person.

Weissman교수님께서는 현재 IEEE Fellow이시고, information theory, statistical signal processing, learning 등에서

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