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제목 전문가 초청 세미나(고려대 심리학과 김채연 교수, 1/16 14:00~)
작성자 대학원담당 작성일 2020-01-15
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1. 세미나 제목: Cross-modal correspondence across sensory features

2. 일시: 2020 1 16 () 14:00~15:00

3. 장소: 산학협력센터 85529

4.  연사: 고려대 심리학과 김채연 교수

    초청자: 정보통신대학  조준동 교수 

Cross-modal correspondence across sensory features

Chai-Youn Kim

Psychology, Korea University

Converging inputs from our sensory systems are useful for processing external events. The inputs can sometimes provide information on a single object or property, while inputs from different sensory modalities can be converging in the sense that they provide ‘corresponding’ information, the information not necessarily stemming from the same source and therefore seemingly unrelated. In fact, there has been growing interest in research into ‘cross-modal correspondence’, a term referring to our brain’s tendency of mapping certain features across the senses in a systematic and non-random manner (Marks, 2004; Spence, 2011). Over the past years, my colleagues and I have investigated how information in different sensory modalities have non-random, intrinsic, and semantic cross-modal associations. In this talk, I’m going to share some of our research outcomes stemmed from the interest, which ranges from correspondences between color and sound, shape and sound, to visual shape and haptic shape. Results from those outcomes bear industrial implications, applicable to the field of design.