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제목 [Undergraduate] 2017-1 Graduation Thesis/Work Final Report Submittion Guide
작성자 학적담당 작성일 2017-04-25
첨부파일 3-1.Manual For Submitting Final Report.pptx (223544 Bytes)
첨부파일 졸업작품논문PPT+양식(지도교수명_학생명_학번).ppt (342016 Bytes)

[Undergraduate] 2017-1 Graduation Thesis/Work Final Report Submittion Guide

By SKKU Regulation Article 40 Section 2(Undergraduate Graduation), rules for operation Article 44(Graduation Thesis) and by-law of undergraduate graduation thesis, we guide you(who are going to graduate in August, 2017) to submit graduation thesis/work as below, so Please submit it within period.

1. Person who have to submit : Candidates for graduation(Including dual-major) on August, 2017.

* the student who get designated by advisor before 2012-2 is exempted.

2. Submission Period : 2017. 4. 24(Mon) ~ 2017. 5. 10(Wed) by 24:00

* There will be no extention of period, so please submit within period.

Classification of period



Submitting Final report, Graduation thesis/work

4. 24(Mon) ~ 5. 10(Wed)

Upload in graduation thesis system

Examination period
per advisor

5. 12(Fri) ~ 5. 16(Tue)

Graduation Thesis/work

undecided(notice later)

Notice in the homepage of CICE/SW

successful and reexamination candidates

undecided(notice later)

Notice in the homepage of CICE/SW

3. Submission Method : Please check the attachment 1

(how to submit or upload the final report)

System of Graduation Work/Thesis : 

(chrome) https://icc.skku.ac.kr/iccsys/login , (explorer) http://icc.skku.ac.kr/iccsys/login 

Login - ID : Student ID / PW : 1111

A. Submisstion Material(Upload Material
(Even in case of group work, you should submit and upload individually)

Enter the title of work/thesis

Enter whether you are doing work or thesis

Enter whether you are doing by yourself or by groupwork (mandatory)

* Fill out the title of work/Thesis precisely. (The title should be same among the team members)

* Please check whether you are doing graduation work or thesis.

B. Contents of Graduation Thesis/Work

1) Final Report(Designated form)

* In case of group work, ‘Implementation and Analysis Result ’, ‘Conclusion and Impression’ should be submitted individually.

2) Graduation Thesis/Work(Final version)

* Thesis should be uploaded, but in case of work, according to form or amount, you can choose if you upload. However, you determine whether you upload or not after you check the final version of the Work witt advisor.

3) PPT for presentation in Campus(designated form)

* (Important!!) You must make and upload with the designated PPT form(attachment 2)

* Name of File : Advisor Name_Student Name(Student ID)(Ex. SungKyunKwan_Mike(2010123456)

4) Evidential Material for Conference Presentation(only for Thesis)

* Evidential Material can be issued in the Conference, but if it can not, you can replace it with the copy or capture of booklet(pamphlet) including conference name, date of presentation, student name and title of thesis.

* Students whose date of presentation in Conference is later than the submission period are allowed to upload the evidential material which show when you present. and it should include name of conference, date of presentation, and title of thesis.

4. Causion

A. You can not graduate unless you submit within period designated.

B. Submission of Performance Written Oath, proposal, Intermediate Report(On completion of prior submission) and Final Report is madatory

(This is applied to the students who are designated after 2012-2)

C. Currently, students on leave of absence and 7-th semester students(except early garduation, transfer students) can not submit

(After re-instatement, you have to be examined within the designated period in last semester)

D. Students who have dual-major as second or third major in CICE/SW should submit within period

E. Please fill in the title of graduation thesis/work precisely.

* Attachment : 1. Manual For Submitting Final Report

2. PPT form for presentation in school

Office of College of Information and Communication Engineering/Software, Engineering Building 1, First Floor, 21102

031-290-5812 / tomini327@skku.edu (Son, Min-young)